Friday, April 3, 2015

More Cactus

Don and Jamie pulled up stakes yesterday.  They are on their way back to Manitoba.  It's not nearly as cold there as it was last year.

We miss them.  They are excellent riding buddies and conversationalists.

The night after we returned from McDowell, we had our first good sunset in a long time.  There have either been no clouds or the clouds have been too thick.  That night they were just right.

Here is something else nice to look at.  More cactus!  Yay!!!!



This guy was sitting on a light standard singing a very pretty song.  I used to know what he is, but have forgotten.  Can anyone identify him?  (He is a house finch.)

This morning we walked the park before it got too steenking hot.  This couple is out everyday.  They pretty much walk from bench to bench.  Then they sit down, and have a little rest.  We look for them every year when we return, and we're always happy to see that they are still with us.

The collision center reports that the parts for the truck will be here Monday.  It's looking like we will go to Rodeo, NM for a few days.  It will be a terrible drive, even though it's only 175 miles.  The seats in the rental car are about as bad as they could be without having spikes in the seat cushions.


  1. House finch! Love your cactus photos, and the beautiful sky.

  2. Nice sunset and cactus flowers. Parts in on Monday sounds like you're making a little progress!