Thursday, April 16, 2015

Planning, Pizza and Watching the Ocean

Wednesday started out with some agita.  We have been thinking (wrongly) that because the ankle biters would still be in school April and May, that we would not have to be making RV park reservations far in advance.  Hah!  Double HAH HAH HAH!  Moab is full.  We got the very last slot in Hurricane, Utah, and the next to the very last spot at the park we wanted in Durango, Colorado.  It's been very tedious, some of the parks aren't open yet, and some just aren't answering their phones or returning phone calls.  As of today, we have somewhere to sleep until mid-June.  I like the RVing, but sometimes the jockeying for space is tedious. 
After the planning there was the removing the gravel guard to get the kinks out of it.  That thing is heavy.  By putting a rake handle across the bends in the metal, and standing on the rake while Jim lifted against the handle, we were able to make it better.  Re-installing was a bear.  Fortunately Suzanne had leveling blocks available to rest the gravel guard on while Jim steadied it and I put the bolt back in.

After agita, there was fun.  We all went to the Pacific Beach farmer's market.  There's not that much produce there, but the people watching was entertaining.

Are these not lovely?  Macarons on the beach.

Following the market we had pizza at Pizza Port, where I took no pictures.  If you're in the area, go there and eat pizza.

We then went out to a scenic walk and looked at the ocean.

What do you suppose these people are doing out on the rocks?

They're jumping into the really cold water.

It was a fun afternoon after a inauspicious start to the day.


  1. Seemeingly (based on talking to many other RVers) Hans and I are in the minority because we plan out and reserve our RV parks many, many months in advance (think at least 6 months, sometimes much more). We've learned that is the way we avoid stress on the road, and weoften get the best sites in the park. I wanted to travel more free form when we began RVing but that was just too stressful...

    1. We are learning that lesson. Plan ahead! I guess we're seeing the affect of the increase in sales of RVs.

  2. You got some great shots of the jumpers!

    1. I still can't believe they would go in that water.