Monday, April 20, 2015

Las Vegas to Hurricane and Notes on the St. George Pilot

Today we drove from Las Vegas to Hurricane.  It's a good thing it was a short day.  One of the knocks I have on the Las Vegas Motor Coach resort is departure.  There is no dedicated place available to hook up a toad to the RV.  It took quite some time to exit the RV park and get on the road.  I'm hoping that since it's unlikely that we'll be back in southern California, that we won't be back in Las Vegas, either.
This is the gorge we always forget about.  It's on I15 where it crosses the north west corner of Arizona.  It's not a major up and down, but it always takes us by surprise.

A new bridge is being built in the gorge.  Currently they are doing steel work.  I think this is going to be here for awhile.

This went on for several miles.  It's very narrow, and for much of it the RV tires are on the rumble strip.  Please make a note of this.

And now a few notes on the Pilot at exit 4 in Saint George.  You exit the freeway, onto a round about.  There is a teeny sign pointing to the right for Pilot.  However, the only Pilot sign we could see was for cars.  ZERO signage for trucks.  We missed the fuel plaza the first time; had to go down the freeway and come back.  Go UP the hill, past the car entrance.  Make a left, go behind the Burger King, left on 60th, and then left into the Pilot.  There's no signage for this.  When leaving, turn left on 60th to get back to the freeway.  Please make a note of this, as well.  It's the only truck stop in the area, so this is where you have to go.  It's kind of a frazzling place for diesel due to its very small size.
However, once all that was behind us, we came down the hill and saw this; and then it was all better.

We're at the Willowwind RV park in Hurricane.  We have 4 bars of 4G and there are no fires being burned.  The downside is that there are trees, so we have to use cable.  I think over all it's a win, since we can have the windows open without the fire stink.


  1. Haha! That Pilot is a trip! Thanks goodness we were in the area and John thought we should drive it with the car first. We were leaving the next day and filling up as we left. Thanks goodness we drove it first. That was crazy!!

    Love parks that don't allow fires!!

  2. Ain't Las Vegas in your rear view mirror grand? I always breathe a sigh of relief when I escape there, like it is a big black hole, sucking in stacks of money by the minute. And electricity!

    You crack me up with your "fire stink."