Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Returns - Riding and the Bellevue A&C Fair

It has been a glorious weekend in the GPNW.  Saturday the temperatures were in the mid-70's with low humidity.  It was another great day for the bicycling.  After tearing ourselves away from the TdF time trial (since when are time trials interesting?) we went out to Carnation Valley.  People were on the river recreating.

REI was out teaching the art of stand up paddle boarding. 

Today we went to the Bellevue Arts and Crafts Festival.  It's a high zoot "juried" show, with lots of stuff.  I liked this painted glass.  It was all very cheerful.  However, it's glass so we did not partake.

There was also fine art.  There was no price on this one, I think if you have to ask....  The lighter red is made of little red squares that have been randomly applied to the bigger red canvas.  It doesn't really speak to me.

This is amazing work.  The artist is David Bjurstrom.   These are done with graphite pencil.  Click through to his website, it is just phenomenal.  If we had any wall space we might have partaken in a print.

At the 4th Avenue Street Fair, as well as in Bellevue, we're seeing a trend of heavily Photoshopped, over saturated digital images blown up and printed on canvas-like material.  This does not speak to me, either.  I think as photographs they're dishonest.

This has also been run through filters, but it's interesting.

I wish I had gotten the name of the artist who took this.  He uses green or blue lighting in alleys to get the effects.  He had before and after pictures of the alleys and it was interesting how flashlights and various colored lights changed the look of the place.  We were tempted, but we still have no wall space.

I got a pair of earrings that are sparkly.  Jim got bupkis.  We're really trying to adhere to the non-acquisition fatwa we have set for ourselves.


  1. I was wondering why there were so many paddle boards together...ahh, lessons!!

    If I am going to go to a Craft Fair, I like juried ones. At least the products are quality and not China made:) The red work didn't speak to me also!!

  2. Ah, nice artwork! We went to a juried art show last summer in KC, and I couldn't resist, I bought two small prints. However, I have no home and no place to hang them. They are wrapped and waiting for us at my mom's house, along with a few other pieces we've saved from our past life. Perhaps someday I'll have walls again...but I'm in no hurry. :-)

  3. As a mural fan I like that one of the alleys.