Sunday, July 20, 2014

Party on Whidbey Island

Saturday we took the ferry over to Whidbey Island.  Friends of ours had a party.  On the way across, the ferry had a person overboard drill.  The ferry stopped and the rigid inflatable was launched.  Then one of the passengers tossed a life ring in to the water for the imaginary person who needed to be rescued.  They got the whole exercise done very quickly.  This is good to know because that water is very cold.

Photo credit:  Dave Carlson

When we got to Clinton, they hauled the inflatable and the crew back up onto the ferry.

Jeff and Barb live on 20 acres on Whidbey.

They have built a beautiful home there.  Jeff did much of the work himself.  It's a steel framed house.  Cooling is provided by geothermal tubing that goes out under their soccer field.  The floors are really cool, they're stained concrete.

On a clear day you could see the water and distant mountains.  However, this is the GPNW.

It was a great party, and we enjoyed ourselves very much.


  1. What a lovely house and property! I am falling in love with Port Townsend and see that I would feel the same about Whidbey Island!

  2. Really nice house, but all I can think is maintenance!

  3. Wow -- that house is insanely gorgeous. Glad you had fun!