Sunday, July 13, 2014

Farmer's Market, Housing and Track Racing

The Seattle heat wave continues unabated.  It's difficult for the inhabitants because very few people have air conditioning, because it's "never hot here."  Hah!  Our last summer here as residents in 2007 it was 103 several days. 
Saturday morning we walked over to the Farmer's Market.  It's a good market, there is more produce than there are crafts.  There are also food stalls which smelled wonderful, but we did not partake.

Look at the beets.  This is the only place we buy them because they are so expensive in grocery store.  Here they are $2 for a bunch of four.  Jim likes them, I have not yet acquired a taste for them.  I associate them with school lunches when they were sliced with something that left ridges.

From the Carnation Valley.

It was good. We remembered to take a shopping bag which was very helpful.  By the time we got back, it was really hot and humid; all clothing from that trip went into the laundry basket.

This is one of the dogs in the site next to us.  They have two boxers, both of whom spend a lot of time on the dashboard.  The other one is very mellow, this one is a barker and he paws frantically at the windows.  I wonder if he bites.

This is part of why traffic continues to get worse.  This is the Grand Ridge development which is east of Issaquah where we are.  I think there are 5,000 new homes up there.  They started building in 2006 or so.  While they have put in all of these homes, there are no new roads to support them. 

It's a Traditional Neighborhood Development which is new housing on previously undeveloped land.  They deliberately mix single family with multi-family housing in close proximity. 

We looked at a 2900 square foot home with four bedrooms for $725,000.  It was a nice house, but it has no yard and no privacy.  Your bedroom looks directly into the neighbors'.  It's actually more crowded feeling than an RV park.

These houses are in the at least $1.5M range.

And then there is this.  This is single family.  It is the most ostentatious and unattractive house I've seen in awhile.

We were up and out early today to ride.  We did the loop around Lake Sammamish again.  We stopped for a nosh at Marymoor park.  They were racing!  These are Washington State Track Championships.

These are masters racers.  They click in to their pedals with someone holding them up.  The first lap is slow while they engage in strategy with each other on the track.

Here they are on the back field riding fairly high on the track.  After the first lap they jockey for position some more, and then someone will jump and start the sprint.  These are the fast twitch muscle people.

I am riding well this summer.  The vacation in Europe on the very heavy hybrid bikes was a training camp for me.  Two weeks of pushing those things up and down the hills made me stronger.  My climbing is much better now, and I'm not suffering the way I did for almost all of 2013.  Life is much better with some muscle and cardio.  Riding is now fun again.


  1. Good to hear that your trip did your body a lot of good:) It sure is nice to be in proper shape for biking or hiking. I am afraid we are going to hurt when we hit the trails out west. The flat east just isn't the same. I do have to tell you that I think of you every time I go up a hill on my bike. I can finally stand up to pedal on my new bike which is light and fits me correctly. I don't want to have to use those "granny gears!" I laughed so hard a while back when you made that statement right after you got back to biking. You were made because you had to use the granny gears! Haha!!

  2. I actually kind of like that neighborhood (well, except for that horribly tacky mansion!) -- it's reminiscent of old-style neighborhoods in the south where the houses were close together and yards were small, neighbors were actually friends, and people sat on their front porches after dinner. I lived in a beautiful house like that that was built in 1915 (or around there), and we could practically spit into the neighbor's house on the side, though we did have a little space in back and front. The neighborhood was full of charm, and the houses are incredibly pricey now (they were not when my family lived there!)

    Glad you're doing so well on the bike this year. I still suffer on climbs because we've done so much flat riding this year!