Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Doctors and a Trip to the Cemetery

We were up and out early for physicals with blood work this morning.  Afterwards we were starving having had no food or coffee, so we went over to the re-invented part of Renton called The Landing.  Renton is one of the two major manufacturing sites in Washington for Boeing.  Over the last few years, Boeing has shrunk their foot print in Renton drastically.  Developers swooped in on all of that vacated land and built an enormous retail and residential complex. 

The plant continues to build 737s at a blistering pace across the street.  They have two moving lines in order to support the production rate.  That green thing is a fuselage just in from Wichita.  They come in via a train.

Another one of the hangars on the plant.

Since we were south, and the day was sort of shot we decided to go on out to Mt. Tahoma National Cemetery.  My Dad and both of Jim's parents are out there.  Tahoma was the name given to Mt. Rainier by the First People.  The northern europeans renamed it.
This is where Jim's parents are.

The view from the cemetery.  It's pretty stunning when the mountain is out.

It was a low key sort of day, but we have two items taken off the list of things which need to be done.


  1. Nice view of Mt Rainier fromt the cemetery.
    We've been debating about whether or not to visit Seattle as we are getting closer. Not sure we're in the mood for fighting traffic.

  2. Gorgeous view from the cemetery. Mt Rainier is magnificent:)

  3. We were so startled and impressed when we first saw Mt. Rainier appearing; it had been cloudy for the first few days we were in the area, so we had no idea we could basically see it from our hotel parking lot on a clear day. The fourth day -- WOWZA!