Friday, August 1, 2014

Seafair Weekend and The Blue Angels

Today we drove over to South Bellevue, parked, and then rode the bikes out on to the I90 bridge.  It's Seafair weekend.  Every year the bridge closes for several hours Thursday through Sunday for airshow practice and then the show on Sunday.  Today and tomorrow is the full airshow, although it's practice.  There were a lot of people there.  We arrived just as the police started allowing people on to the bridge, it felt sort of like the running of the bulls to get down there.

The bridge, she is closed.  There's a dog in the back seat, the air conditioning was running for him for the entire event.  I think it's pretty amazing that they close the bridge and have an air show over the lake in a densely populated area.

This was the opening act.  They are the Patriots Jet Team.  They are flying the Czech built Aero L-39 Albatros.  The Albatros was a trainer for the Warsaw Pact.  We found their show to be sort of uninteresting.  The planes don't make enough noise, and their routines weren't very fast. 

This year there were more rotor aircraft.  This is a Bell Twin Huey.  He's hovering over a barge, and people are fast roping down from the helicopter.

Later in the show, another Huey came in and took them away.

The plane is a C130 tanker.  It's towing two fueling drogues.  You can see the probes on the helicopters where they would take on fuel.  The helicopters are Super Stallions.

These are Ospreys.  Note their engine nacelles are in the position for forward movement.

Here is the Osprey in a hover over the water. Note the disturbance on the surface of the lake and the nacelles in the vertical.

The Harrier is a Marine plane.  It's a jump jet, able to do vertical and short take offs.  It's in a hover here, you'll have to take my word for it.  We were hoping they'd fly it backwards, but they didn't.  This plane was featured in "True Lies", when Ahnold flew it to save his daughter from terrorists.

Not everyone loves an air show.

The Blue Angels close out the show.  They are so good.  It's difficult to get a good picture with a point and shoot.  A man next to us had a Canon camera with an EF 70-200 mm lens on it - his pictures were much better.  It would be difficult to ride with that, however.

It was somewhat overcast today, for which we were grateful.  We were out there for about 2.5 hours.  Bright sun would have been bad.

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