Thursday, July 24, 2014

The End of Carmageddon

Greetings Earthlings!  It's been a slow week in the GPNW.  The predicted Carpocalypse caused by Carmageddon did not really come to pass.  Apparently the dire predictions of 10 mile backups were enough to get people to take vacation, work from home, or generally stay out of their cars.  The first few days there seemed to be a decrease in traffic everywhere.  Last night was bad due to rain.  Tonight it's bad due to more rain and a Mariner's game downtown.  It appears that people threw caution to the wind and headed west.

I swiped this off Facebook.  It's from Majeed Badizadegan's timeline.  The man is an amazing photographer.  This is Sparks Lake in Oregon.  He took it at sunset, the orange cloud is a lenticular  in the process of breaking down.  Pretty cool, eh?

It's been somewhat dismal and wet the last couple of days.  I think we have one more day of dismality, then the sun is supposed to come back.  Clearly we are not going to have the perfect summer we had last year.  The good news is that the rain is helping contain the fires in eastern Washington.


  1. Sorry for you that it is raining but so very glad for the wild fires.

    That is an amazing sunset photo:)

    Had to use my granny gears today on the 14% grade hill but my new super lower gear brought me all the way up without a stop!

    1. I am completely impressed that you made it up a 14% grade. That's a terrible grade.

    2. I think I was able to make it because I didn't think we had arrived at the huge hill yet! Haha! How exciting to find it was over and I didn't know it:)

  2. That is an amazing photo of Spark's Lake, especially since we were there last month. Thanks!