Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tucson - Rincon Country West

We have spent every winter at Rincon Country West starting in 2008. We're pretty happy here, but I know this park would not be to everyone's liking.
It's a 55+ park.  About a third to a half of the pads have park models on them.  One of the downsides to being in a 55+ park is that one is constantly reminded of one's mortality.  From year to year we see people decline, or worse, not return.  On the bright side, there are no annoying youngsters.  So, that's something to consider. 
Tucson is a great place to winter.  There are places to hike.  Riding on the road is much safer here than many other places we have been.  The city of Tucson passed an ordinance that all new road construction or repaving must install a bike lane.  There are also miles of bike paths that are physically separated from cars.

This is the road in and out of the park.  I took this on a really windy day.  You can see palm tree bits on the ground.

Almost everybody is gone, so I don't have a good picture of RVs on their sites.  Look over toward the two white ones.  You can see that there is a place for the vehicle, a concrete pad for the picnic table, and then the RV.  Rinse repeat.  When we had the fifth wheel we moved gravel to level.  A board was too much, but it needed something.  Sites are slightly sloped for drainage.

This was taken standing behind our bus, I'm next to our ladder.  When it's full, you're pretty close to your neighbors.  With about 5 exceptions, the RV sites are staggered so that if you have a rear window, you do not look in to the window of the fifth wheel behind you.  You will look at someone's toad.

The pool is on the right here.  They have water aerobics twice in the mornings.  There is a DVD telling the participants what to do.

The main activity complex.

If you are interested, there is a woodshop (with a lot of equipment), lapidary, sewing, two hiking clubs, Hardanger,  two small gyms, bridge and many other card games, and places to congregate and talk.  There is also a post office on-site.  There is a biking club that does rides in the 10-12 mph range, with no one left behind.  There are many activities every day.  If you like to do stuff with people, there is stuff to do. 
Bands are brought in and other entertainment.  There are food trucks during the season as well as a small farmer's market.
For some reason, we do none of these things, so I can't comment on what they're like.  We've made good friends in the park who ride, and we spend a fair amount of time with them.
There are multiple laundry and shower facilities and they are all good, too.  The park offers wi-fi, but I strongly suggest you bring your own.  It just doesn't work. The office staff is very friendly and very nice. 
We like the park because we like Tucson.


  1. Nice that you found a place you like to go back to every winter. Five plus years of fulltiming and we're still looking.

  2. Thanks for sharing -- we rode our bikes over there a couple of times but could not take a look behind the gates! Now we know what's back there. They seem to keep it up nicely.

  3. If we needed a place to winter, we would stay here too. We try to stop by for a week or so either coming or going to TX (or both :) ). Are they still square dancing in the park?

  4. Catching up on my blog reading now that I'm back from my trip. Just yesterday I said something to Wayne about how weird it will be in Florida and Arizona when we retire in 7 years to be someplace so heavily populated with "old folks". He looked at me and said, "and what do you think we'll be?" He'll be 55, so I guess we won't be much younger than the old folks! Where does the time go?