Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sedona - Distant Drums RV Park

While in Sedona, we stayed at the Distant Drums RV Park.  It's a nice park.  Sites are fairly level.  In our section the RV was on concrete as was the truck.  You are close to your neighbors.  We're the green bus on the left, that's our neighbor's vehicle on the right.  The surface between sites is not sand and it's not gravel, it's somewhere in between.  It's raked daily and looks very nice.

These are the "pull throughs." You pull in and back out.  I think the back in sites are actually easier to deal with.

In no particular order, here is the good.  Staff is friendly and helpful.  They lead you to your site, and the guy in the golf cart directs acts as a ground guide for backing.  The person we had was pretty good, although Jim wasn't happy because he was not totally parallel in the space.   The laundry is clean and reasonably priced.  Satellite reception is not impaired by any pesky over hanging trees.  There are very few trees.  Interior roads are paved.  There is a little road noise, but it's not bad.  There are no train tracks or airplanes.
The less good is the Verizon Jetpack.  We generally were in 4G, but never more than 3 bars.  One night it was totally unusable.  Park wi-fi is totally worthless.  If you go up to the office you can use their wifi.
The park is geographically undesirable.  Camp Verde is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  The drive to the trails we liked off of Dry Creek Road was generally 50 minutes.  Traffic through Sedona can be very tedious.  Oak Creek and Sedona are both full of traffic circles which add to the slow flow of cars.
If we come back to Sedona, I think we will stay here again.  The RV park in town is fairly expensive, covered in trees and hard to get reservations.  There is another park in Cottonwood, but it is also treed.  Jim does not like over hanging trees.

Update to post - May 20, 2015
We're on site 57 this time, it's a standard back in site.  We are facing the giant video screen that advertises the casino.  Park internet is working on this site.  Verizon has two bars of 4G. When making reservations, ask for a site that does not face the giant video bill board.

Update to post - June 9, 2019
June is not a good time to be here.  Don't do this, too hot.  We were in site 115 and the internet is blazing!  The pull in, back out sites face due west in to the setting sun.  Don't get one of those in mid-June.


  1. Have you looked at Dead Horse Ranch SP in Cottonwood? We stayed there when we had our road bikes and the camp host invited us to ride with the local Verde Valley Cyclists.They were a fun group and the roads were nice around there, except for the goat heads.
    No way would we ride our mountain bikes on that trail you hiked in your last post! Well, at least I wouldn't.

  2. We also stayed at Dead Horse SP for ten days. The park wasn't crowded and we had a bathhouse across the way that was rarely used (this was Oct). So we were able to stay longer because we used the bathhouse most of the time. They do have electric and water. We were very comfortable and I am not a boondocker. I like my full hook ups. So if we survived, anyone can. There was a nice trail from the park into Cottonwood. We never had traffic getting to hikes in Sedona.