Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hiking Towards the top of Doe Mountain

We set out in the truck this morning to scout a road ride that one of the local bike shops suggests people do.  We will not be doing that ride. Parts of it are lovely and scenic, but there are no shoulders and the road is narrow.  Other sections are on freeways.  The route takes you right through down town Sedona which is just not something I want to do; too many driveways, people cutting you off and distracted tourists.  There is one rideable stretch on Beaverhead Flat road that we might do laps on.
After lunch we drove out Dry Creek road.  We hiked out Cockscomb trail to Aerie trail.  Both trails had mountain bikers on them.  We could probably do the bottom half of Aerie, but not the top half.  Aerie splits and we took the steep trail up toward the top of Doe Mountain.  We kept looking at the sky and wondering if it would rain. Yes, it would.  We got soaked!  Fortunately I had a baggie for the camera.

It was disappointing, we were not that far from top, which is supposed to have amazing views.  However, we were drenched, the wind was up and we decided to turn around and go back down.  It eventually stopped raining and I took these pictures on the way down.


It was a good hike.  If our shoes dry out we'll probably try it again tomorrow, earlier in the day.


  1. So gorgeous...sorry you didn't get to the top, but you still had some superb views! Enjoy Sedona!

  2. Sedona is so gorgeous, but like you I can do without the traffic and the tourists. I have a shower cap in my camera bag, easy on and off.