Friday, April 25, 2014

More Hiking and Some Biking in Sedona

Yesterday we hiked out Cockscomb to see what we would see.  It was supposed to be a short little stroll, but it became much longer due to scouting some trails for riding.  Here is Jim in his new shirt.  He's highly visible - it'll be good in hunting season.

Anyway the trail didn't look too awful, so today we decided to take the mountain bikes out.  I actually rode pretty well.  We're at 4200 feet, and I could tell on each and every climb.  It was fun.  We didn't ride very far,  no sense in tempting fate before a big vacation.

Check this out.  This is a house for sale on Rt. 179.  Here is the Sotheby's listing for it.  This place is just amazing.  On the website there are interior shots of the house.  Furniture placement would be very difficult, all the walls are curved.

This is taken from the back.  There are 10 of these dome structures on the property.

We saw this guy the other day.  He has made himself a gas powered vehicle.  It looks like he extended a trike and put long handle bars on it. It's quite the conveyance.

The wind has been howling this afternoon.  The storm that's coming from the GPNW is almost here.  Traffic on I10 between Phoenix and Tucson had multiple mile backups due to blowing dust and accidents.  An RV burned to a pile of rubble, closing the freeway for hours.  I'm glad we're not traveling this weekend.

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  1. The house is fascinating but to me doesn't have anywhere near enough windows -- the views are so GORGEOUS there, why live in a cocoon? I got kinda claustrophobic just looking at the interior photos. Even if I did have a million bucks lying around, I wouldn't be tempted.