Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Needles to Lone Pine CA

It was another gusty day.  Granted, it's not as bad as the heartland, or in LA with the Santa Annas, but it was noisy.  We got diesel in Barstow, where we learned that Pilot will give you 3 cents a gallon if you have a Good Sam membership.  So there you go.  When did the cent sign disappear off of our keyboards?  It seems like one day we had one, and then we didn't.

Much of the drive is just beyond boring.  A lot of it looks like this.

This was taken about 30 miles from Lone Pine.  There's a lot of volcanic rock, and this is a cinder cone.

So, we're here for 6 days at Boulder Creek.  Wunderground says the winds will not be as fierce, I hope their weather model is correct. 
We're really tired, I think we'll eat dinner and go to bed early.  We were up early, it's tiring.

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  1. I looked down at my keyboard when you mentioned the cents sign and was amazed to discover it wasn't there. When did that happen? Probably ages ago.