Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sedona to Calizona RV Park in Needles CA

This morning the avocados were put in their traveling configuration.  It was going to be a bumpy day for them.

The route to Needles is along I40.  Like most of the freeways in America, I40 could use a little work. 

You see a lot of this.  I will say that the Love's Truck Stop just east of Kingman is excellent.  They run two payment counters, one is dedicated to paying for diesel at the truck pumps, so you don't have to wait for someone to pay for their fried chicken and jojos.  Ingress and egress are well marked and good.  The Flying J closer to Kingman is in a very built up area and not as convenient to the freeway.

How does this happen?  It's a clear day with perfect visibility.  Although it was windy, it's not that windy.

We're staying at the Calizona RV Park in Needles.  Visually, it is very unappealing.  That's it out in the distance. 

If you're in a Class A, you would be well served to get out an look at the utilities vs. the location of your bay doors before turning in to the site.  We let the very nice gentleman who drives the golf cart park us, and we're too close to the power pedestal.  Since we're towing, we can't back up.  Due to the layout of the park, we can't make a right and go around.  So, we're just hanging on to the bay doors while we hook things up.
It's not a terrible park.  It's all hard packed dirt with a little gravel. It's level.  The park internet works!  I'm posting with park internet.  Water pressure and power are both good.  We have 5 bars on the Verizon Jetpack.  There's a cell tower not too far from us.  We do not anticipate any difficulty with leaving here, like we had with the other RV park in Needles last year.

It's very windy here.  The bus is jiggling and something on the roof is vibrating.  We're really hoping that it'll die off a little at sunset.
Tomorrow we are up and out for our next stay in Lone Pine.

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