Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Riding in Tucson

Monday was another glorious day in the Old Pueblo.  We drove over to the Desert Trails RV Park to meet up with Hans and Lisa.  They have scored the perfect site in the park.  This is what they see out the back; there are many birds, there is a turf war going on between the owls and the hawks for a prime nesting spot, and it's just lovely.

This is Rosie, their cat.  She knows that there are birds in the underbrush.  Unfortunately, there are also cactus.  Rosie has adapted well to being a nomad.

We rode the mountain bikes out to the Gilbert Ray Campground from Desert Trails.  This is an area that Jim and I attempted about five years ago when we had hard tail bikes.  We'd been road riders for decades and did not really have a grip on how to ride a mountain bike.  I, in particular, was riding the mountain bike like a road bike, not shifting my weight, not actively steering, and in general not enjoying the experience in the least.  So, we never went back, after scaring ourselves silly in some of the washes.  Our memory of the trail system was not good, so we always went out to Fantasy Island.  I am so glad we went back!  The trails are really fun.  Some of the washes are not rideable by me, but that's why we have feet.  It was a very enjoyable ride and we enjoyed the trails and the company immensely.
I can't believe it's taken me until Wednesday night to get this post finished.   Yesterday we didn't ride, we had to run errands and do stuff.  Today we did the CDO route in reverse which gives us a fair amount of climbing.  Our goal is to be riding 400 miles a month; right now we're not on track with February.  We may have to do a century (not!) to get back on track with mileage.
Other than that, there is not too much to report.


  1. What a great day with Hans and Lisa! They are such wonderful, fun people.

  2. Yes indeed, some sweet trails right out our back door! And I agree, feet are made for getting us through the tough spots without killing ourselves! A good day was had by all!

  3. Yes, no need in trying to prove anything. I do lots of "hiking and biking" with the mountain bike! We love that area but didn't have mt bikes last time we were there. Maybe next year...