Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring in the Old Pueblo

The Big Weather Baby (me) did the breakfast ride today.  At 0900 hours it was chilly and there was whining.  The cloud cover was interesting.  I'd call that a popcorn sky.

Later, we rode the Rillito trail to the Santa Cruz trail and then home.  Along the way there was a tree in bloom.

And this will attest to the fact that we're entering the season of love - bird love.  We have a ladder hanging on the back of the RV.  This dove is sitting on two pieces of dead grass, pretending it's a nest.  We keep shooing it away.  There are hundreds of palm trees in this park, suitable for nesting, and the dove wants to build on a ladder tread exposed to the southern sun and heat.  Doves are not smart.

This is what we saw today.  It was nice having some cloud cover, it's not so steeenking hot!


  1. Popcorn clouds! Yes, we too love the cloud cover.

    What is up with the silly doves? I've been watching some of them being kind of aggressive towards others.

  2. Birds are so difficult to move on once they get their mini mind set. Good luck with that dove:)

  3. Trees in bloom, birds building nests...we have at least another month before any other that starts. We had a bird build a nest in our fifth wheel hitch last year. Lucky for her and her brood we didn't use it until they were done with it...I should probably go cover it up before spring gets here. It was actually a smart place, it was too small and at an awkward angle for predators to get in, except people, that is.


      We had to move a nest a few years ago, built right in the pin box of our 5th wheel. All that genetic potential denied.