Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up and Lunch

It's been forever since I've posted!  It's been a week.  For almost a month I've had a headache.  It's entirely right sided.  My theory was ears, it's always the ears.  So I actually went to a doctor to get the ear looked at, and no it's not the ear. The Dr's theory was temporal arteritis.  Short version is that it's an inflammation of an artery in the head.  My symptoms are very similar.  The worst part is the treatment, TWO YEARS of prednisone.  Bad, so very bad.  However, it's not that.  We don't know what it is, but it's not that.  I'm getting my head and neck MRI'ed on Monday, so perhaps then all will be revealed.  So that was the front end of the week.
The weather continues to be perfect, except for the drought.  The Bougainvilleas are very lovely in the park.

And here is a crested cactus in the park.  I don't know what this is, but look how nicely it's cresting at the base.

There has been riding.  This was taken out on Kinney on the way to McCain Loop.  We've about decided to stay off of Kinney until the end of February.  This is the big tourist month, and traffic in the Tucson Mountain Park was really heavy.  There are no shoulders, so mass quantities of cars and motorhomes are unnerving.

Today was a lunch ride to the Barrio Brewing Company.  It's a pleasant ride from the RV park.  It goes through some old neighborhoods that have been lovingly maintained.  I really like the pink against the blue of the house.

Here is the brewery.  It's an old building, it's pretty cool.

This is my beloved, wearing his doo-rag from Italy.  We enjoyed lunch.  The food was good.  We didn't try the beer, so I can not report on that.

In other news, the Federal Government has told California farmers they're on their own with the drought.  No water from federal reserves will be made available for irrigation.  The central valley produces half of the produce eaten in America.  During the winter we can import produce, but not during the summer.  What are people supposed to eat?  What better use of federal water is there than to grow crops?  WTH?
In local news, the Arizona legislature has passed a bill saying that businesses can refuse service to anyone in violation of anti-discrimination laws, as long as it's for "religious reasons."  What's next?  A return to segregated lunch counters?  Ostensibly, it's to allow restaurants to not serve gay people, but the language is vague enough that it can be extended to just about anybody.  The governor has not decided if she'll sign it, and if she does, it'll be challenged in court.  Given the problems this state has with the economy, the wretched condition of the roads, the terrible state of education; is this what the bozos in Phoenix think is important?  
So, tonight I'm in high dudgeon with my headache and the sorry state of our politicians and the weather on the east coast.  I feel so bad for those poor people who are now flooding, and will soon be freezing again.


  1. Headaches are not fun. So sorry you have been suffering for so long. Hope it finally goes away to give you relief.

    That little crest forming on the cactus is beautiful!! So glad you shared this photo. I will have to locate this when we get back to Tucson!!

  2. Fingers crossed the damn headache just goes away on its own!

    What the heck is it with AZ? How can they be so backward? We may find ourselves interested in Prescott area as a place to live...but if the town itself seems as neanderthal as the state legislature, we may have a problem fitting in. I wonder what their water situation is...

    1. I know! I know! We like Arizona the best so far, but the politicians are just embarrassing.

  3. So sorry to hear about your headache! Hope you're feeling better soon. Don't blame you a bit for avoiding Kinney for the rest of the month, at least. We went to the Desert-Sonora museum recently, and after driving it, I had no desire to ride there. Narrow roads, RVs, and bikes do not mix well! We did ride the Sagauro NP East loop last week and LOVED it, though -- only one car passed us the entire way on a weekday! We will be going back next week to ride it again. Feel better, Allison. P.S. Totally with you on the Arizona politics. What a joke! Hope the governor has the sense not to sign the bill.

  4. I'm with you on the Arizona politics as well. My daughter called me in outrage over this situation. Just because the business owners have the right to religious freedom does not mean they can legally discriminate in their business practice. Sounds like a "gateway" law to more trouble, much like the union busting actions up here in Wisconsin. The courts will likely reverse it if passed, I would hope.