Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Morning in the Old Pueblo

Tucson is having record breaking weather.  I feel bad for even discussing this, given what's happening in the parts of the country that are not under this ridge of high pressure.  However, next year is predicted to be an El Nino winter, it'll be cold, so it will be nice to look back at this winter and remember how warm it was.
I took this awhile ago, I was trying to capture the beauty of the sun hitting the Catalinas through a dirty windshield in a truck on a rough road.

We rode the Santa Cruz trail to the Rillito trail Saturday.  This is the golf course at Christopher Columbus park.  All of those little black blobs are ducks.  There were many ducks.  Do they migrate?  Why are they here? 

This is on the Rillito trail.  The trail on the north side of the river is being repaved at what seems to be a glacial rate of progress.  Parts of the asphalt have been removed prior to paving.  However, it's still a magnificent trail system and we are grateful for the city of Tucson for making the effort.

There is a new statue at the corner of Mission and Grande.  The side of the base facing me has been painted terra-cotta.  The other three sides are unpainted stone.  One wonders about that.

One also wonders who the models for the sculptures were.  The woman reminds me of a television actress whose name escapes me.  I suppose it makes me nekulturny, but I'm not a fan of representational bronze statuary.  

Later, I had to make run to Safeway while Jim washed the bikes.  Coming back there was a huge plume of black smoke.  One also wonders about this and what caused it.  Local news didn't mention it, so we'll probably never know.

Other than these paltry photos, we don't have much to offer other than the fact that we are really happy to be under the giant ridge of high pressure.

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  1. Cold winter next year, eh? Might just be the year we go to Mexico then. Thanks for the fair warning!