Monday, January 6, 2014

Pima Canyon Trail Revisited

Greetings Earthlings!  How is your new year progressing?  Here, so far, so good.  We've had a brunch ride with friends.  The next day we had a ride up Gates Pass with the guys who are way faster than me; thought I might have an aneurysm on that one.  Yesterday was a recovery day from the aneurysm inducing ride with the faster guys.
Today we hiked.  Neither one of us seemed to be in the mood for the bicycle, so we headed out to the Pima Canyon trail head.  The Sierra Club site calls it an easy trail.   I would have to disagree, I think trails with two foot high rocks which must be scaled repeatedly merit more than than an "easy" rating.
Here is a crested Saguaro along the way.

Happy cactus are in the canyon.

We got farther today than we have before.  After slogging through the rocks, the trail goes into an area with many cottonwood trees, and less arduous terrain.  It's pretty there, there's a lot more green and there are trees.  It took us an hour to get to that section.

This is a canyon wall.  The moon was still up.

So, we still have not made it to the dam.  The trail head to the dam is 3.2 miles. I'm still somewhat reluctant to go more than an hour out with the foot.  Although the hike towards the dam is mostly uphill, it's actually easier than the returning leg.  The repeated stepping down off the big rocks gets tiring.
It was a good day. After the hike we went to a Whataburger.  Jim has never been to one.  They're still pretty good.


  1. Thanks for the crested saguaro favorite!!!

    Good to hear your foot is doing much better:)

  2. Hmmm, haven't tried Whataburger...we like Five Guys!