Friday, January 24, 2014

As Seen in Tucson

Tucson has a problem with red light running.  Red lights seem to be treated as merely a suggestion, with predictable results.  We saw this yesterday at the intersection of Mission and Silverlake.  One involved car is off to the left.

The other car really took it in the head.  That's kitty litter on the ground, soaking up the vehicle's precious bodily fluids.  Anyway, the point of this is to offer the advice that while driving here, don't automatically move forward on a green light, look both ways first.

This is one of the coaches in the RV park.  They are getting a new windshield.  The install has been taking quite awhile.   

This morning, they had the glass out again, put it back in and spent several hours pounding on it with heavy rubber mittens.  We were wondering what happens if they can't get the glass in properly.  What happens then?

I took this at the intersection of Mission and Ajo.  It's a busy part of town and there are high traffic volumes.  Why on earth would you bring your horse to a McDonald's parking lot?  We've seen him multiple times, but this is the first photo I've gotten.  The horse's rider is wearing a huge gun, similar to the Buntline Colt that Wyatt Earp allegedly used.  It's very odd.

These are a few things we've seen in the Old Pueblo.


  1. Last year in both AZ ans CO we were often shocked by the gun toting. As a former Californian, I just don't get it!

    Slowly heading your way... :-)

  2. He's a show-off flaunting the fact that he can open-carry. Conscientious gun owners would never do that. In fact, they believe that guys like this give gun owners a bad name...and they would be right.