Friday, January 10, 2014

Lunch at Cafe Desta

Today was a lunch ride.  Cafe Desta was the destination.  I was raised in the American south on a fairly typical rural Alabama diet.  My family relocated often, but my mother cooked what she knew.  It's not terrible food, but it's bland.  Hence, I have the palate of a three year old.  Cafe Desta is Ethiopian. I am happy to report, it's really good.  I had Kik, Fosolia, and Injera.  The first two were very good, the Injera - not so much.  It's like a crepe, but it's sour dough and it was not working for me.  Jim had the Alicha Doro over house salad and it was excellent.  I'm having that next time.  They cook with a lot of tumeric.  If you're in the area, give it a try. 


After lunch we rode back to the park.  We took a new route to see where it went.  This was taken from a pedestrian bridge over a flood control channel.   Unfortunately the route debouches onto Ajo, west of I19 where there are no bike lanes and much traffic.

It was a glorious day.  There was no wind and it got into the low 70s.


  1. Wow! For a person with a limited palate I give you kudos for trying Ethiopian food! :-)

  2. I enjoy riding with a purpose much more than just for the ride. Guess I am not really a biker. Great that you tried something new!