Sunday, January 19, 2014

Driving and hiking

What up with all y'all?  Winter in Tucson continues to be extraordinary.  Last season was really cold and windy, this season has been warm and calm so far.  It's odd because both years are La Nada weather patterns.  I think the Pacific Decadal Oscillation is helping by keeping us under a ridge of high pressure.  Whatever, we are enjoying it.
The RV park has new food trucks this year.  I'm posting a picture of this one for our Canadian friends. I just checked their menu on Facebook, and see that they have regular poutine, poutine with bacon, hotdog poutine and pulled pork poutine.  So, all of your poutine needs can be met here.

Yesterday we had to take the bus for a drive.  First we went out to Tucson Truck Terminal.  It's a good truck stop.  They put the diesel in for you.  Our fuel tank tends to spit if one tries to fuel too quickly, and the attendant was very careful with it.  They also have 4 homemade soups every day.

There is a gift shop.

Then it was out to drive up and down the roads in the Tucson Mountain Park.  The entrance road has a bunch of rollers.  When you drive that in an RV with air bags, it's almost like being weightless at the top of the hill.  As was the case on New Years day 2013, the black tank was not clearing itself.  Bad, very bad.  One wonders if it's a function of being in one place for so long. 

This is the far end of McCain loop.  I find making the left onto this road from Kinney to be hair raising.  Jim says it's fine.  Anyway, driving through the park, up and down, left and right, clears any problems a black tank might have.

Today we hiked.  We went up Bowen, down the other side out to the stone hut and then back up the big hill and down.  It's a hilly and rocky route.

Looking back towards Tucson.

It was about 5 miles.  It was enough hike for my soft non-calloused feet.  It'll be good when the callouses return.

The jojoba are blooming.

Other than riding and hiking, there is not too much to report. 


  1. Food trucks at your park...amazing! I have yet to sample poutine, it sounds incredibly fattening!

  2. Not much else needed in life besides hiking and biking!!

  3. You are sure healing fast--enough to be hiking and biking decent distances again. It probably seems like its been a slow recovery from your point of view, but I am impressed.

    Black tank--have you heard of the adding 1 cup of Pine Sol and a bag of ice to your tank then driving it to clean the sensors? You can Google it and see similar suggestions.