Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lunch at Char's Thai

We had a group ride to a Thai restaurant today.   It was a beautiful day with a good turn out.

There was a large picture in the restaurant that I just glanced at.  It registered as a south west landscape.  Someone at the table really looked at it, however, and noticed that there were people in the landscape; people that did not look like they were from Arizona or Utah.

I love this.

After lunch the group dispersed.  We ended up running into two of our friends on the Rillito bike trail.  We saw a bobcat crossing the trail.  I was not fast enough to get a picture of him.  He walked across the pavement, and down into the wash.  We all went over to look at him, and he gazed back at us.  And then he was gone.  So I have swiped two pictures of bobcats off the internet.

They are just lovely animals.

Jim and I ended up with 40 miles today.  They were flat miles, but they count as time on the bike.  My posterior and I are still negotiating on how much time we want to spend sitting on the bike.  So far, the posterior has the final vote.


  1. cool! We've seen a bobcat once in the wild as well, elusive creatures!

  2. Haven't seen a bobcat in the wild, love an unexpected wildlife sighting but then it's hard to get time for a picture.

  3. Congrats on the 40 miler! I am with you on the posterior having the final vote. I've done two 40-milers this week, also flat but very windy. That's a long enough ride for me!