Monday, January 27, 2014

A Trip to the Dentist and Out to Lunch

Saturday we did the CDO route in reverse.  Normally it's a fast ride with some excellent downhill bits.  Going the other direction is not nearly as much fun, but it's a better workout.  We went through the Christopher Columbus park, the tethered airplane guys were out with their really noisy little planes.  In this photo, look in the upper right hand corner, and you can see a plane doing slow flight.  It was interesting to see it doing that.

This is just a gratuitous picture of the sky and palm trees.  The weather continues to be excellent this winter.

Today we were up and out to go to the dentist.  It was a beautiful morning.

Afterwards we met friends for lunch at Roma Imports.  These are frozen cannolis.  The pointy tube is full of frozen cannoli filling.  I'm thinking we could defrost that and just suck the piping tube dry.

Roma carries the good San Marzano tomatoes.  They also have olive oil that looks like it might be unadulterated.  I am still scandalized by recent articles about what goes in to many brands of "Virgin Olive Oil."

Lunch was fun, good food with good people.  Neither of us had any cavities, so it was a total win for the day.


  1. Yes, the weather this month has been superb! Hope it continues into Feb.

  2. It is really hard to find San Marzano tomatoes.

    I think you have a good plan for that filling:)

  3. I'm having trouble loading the link but will do some research on the olive oil. We have an Italian grocery store nearby but I'll get the one from TJ's or Whole Foods next time I'm out that way if I have to. Thanks for the tip!