Friday, November 2, 2012

Whiskey Flats - Hawthorne NV

We had beautiful day today.  It is so nice when the sun is out. We left Susanville this morning where it was COLD and arrived Hawthorne where it was in the upper 60s.  Much better!

This is Walker Lake. There are several threads on the internet suggesting that there is a tunnel from the Pacific Ocean to the lake (in Nevada) so that submarines can drive up to the lake and pick up UFOs.  It makes sense to me.

The munitions depot at Hawthorne.  It covers 147,000 acres of desert.  After 30 days of a major conflict, they'll start withdrawing munitions from here.

We're at the Whiskey Flats RV park.  It's not bad.  The sites are level, there are full hookups.  We're on the far right side of the park that has the longer sites so we didn't have to unhook the pickup truck.  The free wi-fi is not great, but there's good Verizon service.

Tomorrow we are up and out to Las Vegas for two nights.  There will be pictures!

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  1. I read where verizon has good signals. do you tether your phone to your computer? I need to learn to do this.

    Lovely pictures as always. Glad the temps warmed up for you.