Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Trail System to Us

We tried a new trail system today.  We've never been there before.  Had we seen the trail we ended up on, we would have brought the body armor.  There was a fair amount of hike-a-bike. If you look pretty much dead center in the photo, you can see the RCW RV park.

This is the trail system map.  We were on the Rocky 13 trail, it's the at the bottom in yellow.  Now we know how to get there, we've seen the trail system map, and we can go start looking for terrain that can be ridden by people of my skill level.  I hate switchbacks with giant rocks in the middle and closely bordered by cactus; so much opportunity for pain.

Other than the doing of four loads of laundry this afternoon, we have little of interest to report.  Tomorrow we're going to be up and out back to this trail system.  It would be nice to have some dirt trails to ride so close to the park.

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