Monday, November 26, 2012

Dinner and Riding

Yesterday I turned 60.  That sentence looks surreal to me.  However, the birth certificate does not lie, and I am 60.  This was taken yesterday, the moon is almost full again.  It was a good day.  We were tired from McDowell, driving, nesting, and etc. so we spent the day doing laundry, reading and laying about.

We went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant with Don and Jamie.  It was really good.  These are called thali plates.  There are four other serving dishes with lentils, a spinach dish, okra and something whose description I can't remember.  Look at my plate in the 4:00 position, that's pureed eggplant and it was really good.  The okra was really good, too. It was a delightful evening with delightful people.

This morning Jim rode with Don and Dave.  It was a good workout for Jim, as Don and Dave are both faster than he is.  Jamie and I also rode, but at a more reasonable pace.  We hadn't actually planned to do Gates from the west, but we did.  It was a good ride, I stayed in normal sinus rhythm for most of it, particularly on the steep bits.  A good bike ride just makes the world look better.

Now I will describe something we watched this afternoon.  The sites here are not the easiest to get in to, it's a 90 degree turn, but with a Class A, it's not all that difficult.  We watched this bus take 4 tries at getting into his site.  He'd back, but he would not turn his front wheels enough to make the turn.  Finally, the lady next door came out and said she would provide assistance.  This was a gutsy move on her part, generally men do not appreciate "help" and the implication that they need it.  So here she is, motioning him to cut his wheels sharply.

Now she is giving him a clear cut directive to keep coming back.

Now the companion of the driver is also providing direction.  To me, this is reminiscent of the Village People doing YMCA.  What does that hand signal say to you?  Compare and contrast with the neighbor lady who is still signalling "keep coming back."

The lady in blue did a bang up job of getting these people parked.

I called the Mayo Clinic today.  It was interesting.  The first lady got my name, address, and the all important insurance information.  Then I was transferred to the pre-admission department and had to repeat everything I'd already said.  Are their computers not networked?  The first available with a cardiac electrophysiologist is January 3.  So, we'll take the bus back up to McDowell and see what happens.  I shall stand by to be amazed.

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