Friday, June 29, 2012

Peterson Ridge - West

Yesterday Jim, Peggy & Roger rode up Peterson Ridge.  I did not go because I felt bad due to not sleeping.  So I stayed home.  This is a creek they crossed on the way back.  They rode through it.  I am not a fan of the water crossing, particularly if one does not know how deep it is.

Since I was much improved today, Jim and I decided to go ride Peterson Ridge again.  He enjoyed it yesterday and I hadn't done the west side this year.  It was a nice day.  Here we are at the same creek, and here is my beloved pushing my bike across for me.

This is the very nice view from the top of the Ridge.  It's about 6 miles up.  There are two steep climbs, the rest is gradual and not taxing.  One of the two steep climbs is gruesome and I elected to walk rather than spiking my heart rate into the rafters.  This year I rode more lava bombs than last year, and the round rocks aren't bothering me at all.  There has been progress in the riding of rocks, although I'm still struggling with them uphill.

Afterwards we split a meat loaf sandwich at the place we like in Sisters whose name we can't remember.  This is a fuchsia out front.

It was a good day.  Today's key learning is to drink more water!

Tomorrow we are heading out toward the Seattle area, where it is raining. Next year I think we should get here a week later and stay later into July.  This has been sort of a dismal month what with clouds, wind, rain and cold temperatures.  Now that we're leaving, it's improving.

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