Saturday, June 30, 2012

Last Night in Bend - Bend to Ellensburg

Our last night in Bend was just delightful.  Roger and Peggy had us over for dinner.  It was (finally) warm enough to sit outside.  This is the sun setting through the trees from their site.  It's a nice site, I like it better than ours, it's more open.

Here are Peggy and Roger reducing their lemon/pepper fish sauce in the saute pans.  They are using Gaz fuel canisters, and those puppies are HOT.  The two times I backpacked, we had a Primus with alcohol fuel and it was just pitiful to cook with.  The Gaz fuel system is like cooking over blow torches.  I'm impressed, we may get one.  Anyway, we had pan fried sole, which was very good, being cooked over blow torches and all.

This morning we awoke to the sound of driving rain.  Happily it stopped before we headed out to unhook the utilities and attach the truck to the RV.
We had clouds most of the day.  This is somewhere out there. Worth remembering, is how long it takes to get from Bend to Ellensburg.  It's only 250 miles, but there are many small towns, stop lights, long steep grades, and etc.

This is the Washington side of the Columbia River on the way back up from the gorge.  There is much wind farming.

Tonight we are staying at the Ellensburg KOA.  We must find something better.  We had to tour the park in order to get to our row.  Unfortunately we could not get between that black pickup, the tree and the  yellow concrete border on the right.  We provided much entertainment for the by standers.  The Blue Ox tow bar bound up, and it was just a pain to get the truck off the RV.  Eventually we prevailed over the Ox, got the truck off and made it to our site.  It's  a yukky site, the satellite antenna can't lock on  and we are missing the TdF.

This is the river out back of the park.  It's full here.  Many people are here in tents, burning wood and enjoying nature.

Tomorrow we're pushing on to Issaquah, and the rain, for the summer.  La Nina supposedly is over, so we're hoping that we actually have summer, unlike the last two years we have been there.

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