Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Cold Day in Bend

Yep, that's me again in the mirror.  Today's picture will serve as a reminder for next year about how stinky the weather in early June can be.  I am wearing a waffle weave long sleeved shirt and a flannel shirt.  This is just sad.

We went out to a RV dealer today while we were killing time waiting for it to stop raining and warm up.  This is a Beaver Patriot Thunder, it's 44 feet long, has a tag axle, and a 525 hp engine. There are 20,000 miles on it, it's barely used.

This is the interior.  The floor is marble tile, and the wood work is just exquisite.

Look at the grain, all of it is just perfectly matched.  Just spectacular.

Later it was off to the Newport Market.  It's an upscale grocery store in the north end of Bend.  It's really lovely.  These are the fuchsias out side, they look like little paper lanterns.

There are many upscale food items available.

There is very expensive balsamic vinegar.  That box has a lock on it.

This is my favorite - look at how cute the produce display is.

I love that!

More duck parts.

The weather continues to be wretched.  Hopefully by this weekend it will be better.


  1. That is classic, the way they display the produce. Also love the RV. Are you thinking of a trade?

  2. Noooooo! No trading of the RV. It's fun to look, but there will be no trading. I do love a good produce display.