Friday, June 15, 2012

The Lair & Trail Notes on KGB and COD

The weather has reached perfection in Bend.  Here we are on our site.  It's not the one we wanted, but there you go.  We just had the RV washed, but soon it will be covered in pollen again.  When a gust of wind goes through here you can see clouds of it in the air.

I took this in parking lot at Phil's.  This young man is wearing a HANS device along with a full face helmet.  HANS stands for Head And Neck Support. Downhillers are starting to wear them.  It's a good thing.  If Dale had been wearing one, he'd still be with us.

We took a ride out to look at The Lair.  It's a free ride park on the edge of the Phil's Trail System.  It's a large park, we only looked at a little bit because I was too lazy to go grinding up the giant hill.  See the jumps?  Look at the mid-section dead center in the photo.  Those are rocks.  There is an expectation that you will jump that section of the trail, and not ride through it.

Look dead center, that's a little kid way up in the air.  I envy Bend kids, they have such an amazing resource available to them.

Here is my beloved riding a log ramp.  I haven't done it yet, still thinking about it.  It's that whole breaking a hip at my age thing.

So today's trail wisdom is as follows.  KGB from The Lair to milepost 9 is steep and rocky, but mostly rideable.  COD between mileposts 20 and 21 is full of rocks and boulders and is not rideable by me.
Hopefully we'll get another ride down Storm King tomorrow, I still feel like I'm suffering (as in suffocating) from the altitude here.

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  1. Your RV is super deluxe and gorgeous!

    I think I'll pass on that ride my dear.