Wednesday, June 13, 2012

FSR 4610 and 400

Greetings.  This will be yet another in the series of writing about the Bend rides so we can preserve their memory for next time.  After yesterday, we were looking for an easier ride today.  So we decided to explore some of the Forest Service Roads.  These can be useful to know if one finds oneself fatigued, injured, or terrified of the next trail section.  They go everywhere and can be used to bail to an easier route home.
We went out on Ben's to milepost 16.  This is Ben's before the trail starts to climb.  There is climbing before 16.

Here we are just past milepost 16, where Ben's intersects FSR 4610.

We rode 4610 back to where it intersects Grand Slam.  We were there yesterday.  There is a sign for FSR 4604 that appears to head off in a north easterly direction.  We decided to take it and see where it went.  It's not on the map as 4604, it's on the map as 400.  We rode 400 for 2.25 miles (it's downhill).  The FSR intersects a trail, just before dropping down sharply.  See below, see trail vanishing down hill.

This is why one should mountain bike with a compass.  No trail name here!

No trail name on the other side, either!. We elected to take the turn to the north.  It was correct.  We rode a brief distance and found milepost 20.  Twenty is incorrectly located on the map, it's at the split between ELV and COD, it's not at the intersection of 400 and COD.  Please make a note of this!  We talked to another rider at 20 who told us to 'go thataway' to head back to the chicken. 

We saw this on the way to milepost 11.  It's a memorial to Bob Marley.

I love the stuff that has been left here.

After riding through milepost 11, we made it back down to the chicken, which is a known location for us.

So, that was today.  It was a good, albeit dusty ride.

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