Saturday, April 14, 2012

Even More Cactus Pictures

Greetings!  Are you tired of the cactus photos yet?  No?  Good.  Today was a terrible climate day, started off with rain, and hours of high winds.  We went out for a brief walk after returning from Camping World and Summit Hut.  Aren't these lovely?  I just love the color.

I think this is a member of the trichocereus strigosus family.  My favorite cactus, seen in this post, is definitely a member of that family.  They're all just gorgeous.

Prickly pear blossoms, I just love these.


The last owl has not yet fledged.  He was in his swaying tree today looking sleepy.

This is a century plant.  They live 10 to 30 years, bloom, then die.  Jim is standing next to it to give you an idea of how big it is.

Tomorrow we may be going to an air show if the steeeenking wind will die down, and so there will be new pictures that are not cactus or owls.  Yea!

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