Sunday, April 8, 2012

Seattle Trip Report Two

This is an undated picture of Jim's Dad, Pierce.  Given the length of his hair, I'm betting it's post 1981, which is when he retired from the railroad.  It's a good photo.

We've decided not to do the final furniture ejection on Tuesday.  Closing is a month out, and anything could happen between now and then.  Not having mattresses, furniture, pots, pans and etc. in the house, should the purchase collapse would just be beyond awful.  So, we'll be packing it up, but leaving it in the house on Tuesday.
As you know, we're up here for doctors and dentists.  Are all of you Washington residents aware of the increasing rate of pertussis in this state?  Whooping cough is unbelievably bad.  It goes on for months, and can lead to cracked ribs from the cough.  If you haven't had the shot, go do that tomorrow.  We both got them and are feeling much better about things.
Not too much more to report - time for bed.  We're up at oh:dark:thirty tomorrow.

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  1. Pierce is a good looking fellow! We all had that horribe cough up here in AK too. Cough up your lungs kind of terrible!

    Good idea just to pack up and leave as is. Stuff happens.

    I love Seattle.