Monday, April 23, 2012

Trying to Leave Town

Greetings!  We're experiencing near record heat in the Old Pueblo.  The past two days have been odd, in that it has been cloudy and the humidity is up.  This is a pre-monsoon sky.  There's not enough moisture in the air to actually rain, but there are clouds and it's slightly oppressive.

This is driving down A mountain after being at the top.

Our original plan had been to leave Wednesday because we're hot.  Unfortunately, last Friday we had the awning out, and then we went to bring it in because the wind was coming up.  The awning motor died.  In its death throes it took out the board that controls it and the wind sensor, as well as the switch.  Ken came over and looked at it, and ordered new parts from the manufacturer.  They should arrive Tuesday.  So, if the parts come, and fix all of the problems, we're now planning to leave Saturday for San Diego.  Until the awning is fixed, we can't move the slide; until we can move the slide, we can't move the RV; until we can move the RV we can't practice hooking the pickup truck to the back of the RV and towing it.  It's always something. 

.....later in the desert.