Thursday, April 26, 2012

What We Are Seeing Today

The unknown cholla continues to bloom, but I just can not get an inspiring photo of it.  Too many spent buds mar the effect, so we continue with close ups that are sub optimal.  I was able to generate shallow depth of field by using my 45-200 mm lens, so that part was good. 

 This is a South West 737 on three mile final.  I like their new livery much better than the old.

Our campsite.  I love that term, campsite.  As if anyone here is actually camping.  What we're doing is driving condos down the road.  The dome sitting on the picnic table is our satellite antenna.  If the universe ever decides to allow us to depart Tucson, we're going to Temecula to have a new one put on the roof.  It will be nice to not have to bring it out and deal with coax and power cords and etc.  It makes setting up camp (hah!) that much quicker.

Pigeons have become the bane of RV life.  They like to get under the slide toppers (see directly to the right of Jim's shoulder) and build nests and poop. So far we have curtailed any nest building, but as soon as they see us leave, they're right back under there, with all of their bodily functions.

Ina in Alaska has a good post up today about what things look like in Anchorage.  It was very enjoyable reading.  They are happy because the snow is melting.  I would be, too.  They had an arduous winter.
Other than what we are viewing at the moment, there is not much to report.  We are still held for parts (awning motion sensor, new air conditioner, new inverter) so we'll be playing this venue for a little while longer.  It's often said, and bears repeating, if you're going to own a Class A you must have a check book, a good extended warranty and a sense of humor.

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  1. Yes indeed we are happy up here with receding snow mass!

    Good luck in getting underway soon!!