Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Cactus More Owl

It was a lovely day today, it cooled off while we were gone, it was in the 70s.  We hiked the Hidden Trail.  The cactus bloom continues, some more of the buckhorn chollas are blooming. 

These are cacti in the park.


This afternoon we went to Loews for a new carpet runner.  These are ice plants in the garden section.  They grow all over California.  I love these, we used to try to grow them in Seattle, but to no avail.  They want heat and sun.
This is the new runner.  I like it.  The other one suffered from a spill and is gone now.

We think this is the last of the three owl babies.  One of them was seen underneath a bench, so we know at least one is out of the nest.  Look at how much more defined his face is than in the earlier photo

We're getting at storm this weekend.  Saturday is predicted to be particularly awful.  Bummer!  After all that good weather in Seattle,  it's going to rain here.

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