Monday, March 19, 2012

Two Days of Bad Weather

We're on day TWO of really crappy weather. At present we're experiencing bright sunshine, wind and hail. The plan had been to hike today, but the wind was just too cold. Yes, I can hear all of you who had winter snickering over that statement. It really was a cold wind, however.

Yesterday we went to the mall and wandered around. Macy's is carrying an extensive selection of single purpose appliances. I have previously posted about the brownie maker and the donut shaped something maker, today we have the meatball maker. They also sell appliances to make pizza, quesadillas and hand held pies. Does one not use one's stove anymore?

Today we've had interesting skies with squall lines ripping through. Just when you think it's over, it's not.

We went to Costco for granola, and spent some time looking at stuff. Have you ever read the ingredients on these? Second item is mechanically separated chicken. That would be the stuff they scrape off the spines. When did it become acceptable to market products like this as food?

We stopped at Food City for an avocado (4 for $.99). Their target market is the local Hispanic population. There's an entire food culture of which I am unaware. On the left is quince paste, on the right is guava. Jim and I have no clue as to what one would make with that. I looked around for cooking classes locally, but did not find anything useful. It would be good to broaden the culinary horizons.

Perhaps the weather will be less terrible tomorrow, so we can go outside. I have yet another bicycle saddle to audition.

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  1. Those "one trick pony" appliances are simply ridiculous. Unless it is a coffee maker of course.

    I will not get all snarky over your weather. (smiles)

    Just read about the criterium. When you initially posted it I thought you were talking about a place to view scorpions, spiders and other such critters.