Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ride to Cracker Barrel

Yesterday Jim put the wheel covers on the RV. Hopefully we will stay here for awhile and not drive it anywhere! It's so much easier when the coach is at ride height. Notice how Jim is able to get his arms in underneath the RV.

Today we did a ride up north, it was very pleasant. This is a sign we saw at a pit stop on the trail.

Farther north there is water running in the Santa Cruz. I think there's a water treatment plant around somewhere. It was nice to see greenery.
Ducks - there are ducks along the river.

We had lunch at the Cracker Barrel on Cortaro Road. We've never been in one, we see them everywhere on the freeways when we are traveling. I had the Country Vegetable Plate. Look carefully and you will notice that macaroni and cheese and dumplins (sic) are vegetables. The mac and cheese was good, as was the fried okra. The fried apples were basically hot pie filling, and we won't mention the carrots, they were that bad.

It was a pleasant ride with Don and Jamie and we enjoyed it very much.

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  1. I like Cracker Barrel.

    In Summer 2006 I drove from ANC to the Jersey Shore in my Benz with poodle Ginger & my mother. Mom flew to Alaska from NJ so we could have this adventure. Along the way we spent a few days at the gorgeous Fairmont Hotel (petfriendly!) in Banff.

    Drove back to ANC at the end of the Summer this leg with my sister & again, Ginger the poodle. Great road trip, stopped at many CBs, pet friendly inns everywhere & no venomous critters!