Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Riding and Hot Dogs

Beautiful day! We rode out to Jerry Bob's at Kolb and Golf Links for breakfast. Afterwards the men left for 58+ miles of hammering one another. Jamie and I did 50 miles at a more reasonable rate. It was enough ride, I have a new saddle which is an improvement over the old one, but 50 miles was enough. Then we went out for lunch and negated all of the health benefits of exercise.
Tucson has many purveyors of the Sonoran hotdog, but this is my favorite, El Guero Canelo. It's a bacon wrapped hot dog with beans, salsa and etc. on a soft bun. Really good.

Mmmmmmmmm. Jim had the double dog, I showed some restraint.

So, the climate has been really outstanding as of late. But the jet stream will be dipping way south and bringing us miserable weather starting Sunday. Bummer!

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  1. Miserable weather? Come to Anchorage Allison for serious misery--another 5" of snow today.

    Anyway those hot dogs look really really tasty!!