Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tucson Bicycle Classic XXVI

After a brisk ride out to the Rincon Market for breakfast, we headed west to view the 26th running of the Tucson Bicycle Classic. It's a 3 day stage race; time trial, road race, circuit race. Today was the circuit race. Sorry about the general badness of the photos, it was very bright and the racers refused to hold still and pose for me.
Here is a general group shot.

I like how the guy in the red jersey is looking over at the guy in the blue jersey, who is making a move.

One of the junior riders from California. She had quite a bit of road rash.

Winner of the Men's Cat III group. He was midway in the classic move of pointing at the chest while crossing the finish line.

Men's Cat I sprint for the finish. Double click on the photo so you can see better. Far right is Francisco Mancebo in the yellow jersey. He went in to this stage with the lead, but he failed to win this one. His team did an excellent job of controlling the stage, but he was not on the front of the sprint. He may not have needed to be first to win the GC. Results are not up yet, so we don't know if he kept his overall GC standing.

It was a warm one by the end of it. It's supposed to hit 80 today. Tomorrow we're up and out early for Day EIGHT of the RV remodel.

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