Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fourth Avenue Street Fair

This weekend is the 4th Avenue Street Fair. It was pretty big this year, maybe it's a sign of the economy picking up. The weather was good yesterday and today, warm and not a lot of wind.
Some vendors did not have a real theme, but had a lot of stuff.

These are wood carvings from Oaxaca (pronounced wah-hah-ka). The detail on the painting is extraordinary. Look at all of the little dots.

Tarot card readers were everywhere.

Meat. Meat everywhere.

We got a sample of the tri-tip, it's really good.

This individual did not have many takers, but appeared to be happy just to be there.

One of the artists there worked in pencil, and made big art. They were spectacular. One would need wall space for that.

Look at the ink. Every year I am just astounded by the amount of ink young women are getting. My reaction is certainly generational, but it just seems like a lot. Could be worse, could be up her neck like many we see.

It was a good fair. We got fig balsamic vinegar, a silver necklace and a print done by a Japanese artist of gold fish. I love the gold fish.


  1. sounds like a lovely day.
    both of my daughters have tattoos and continue to get more.

  2. Love the horse!!

    So much to take in, I enjoy street fairs.

    Face wash? Interesting!