Thursday, March 3, 2011

Walking the University

Today we walked around the University to gauge our foot readiness for Germany, and to spend time with the new camera. My feet aren't ready. My old trail runners are really stretched out from the previous giant orthotics, so I keep sliding to the front of the shoe now that I have a low volume foot bed. Fortunately I am a shoe hoarder, and have an unworn pair of the trail runners in the closet. Hopefully, I won't slide in them. So, a new pair of shoes will have to be broken in during the next 2 months.
The camera is good. I'm very happy I did not buy a DSLR. The Panasonic with the telephoto lens on it is as much camera as I want to carry.

This was taken from the 6th floor of a parking garage. She's on the sidewalk below.

This was taken with the telephoto not zoomed. There is some shallow depth of field available with this lens. Getting more would require a DSLR and we know how I feel about that. There is another lens available for the Panasonic which my brother says has a large aperture, but I think I have spent enough money at this time.

Spring break is nearly upon us. On the mall at the U they were having a safety fair trying to suggest to the students they should wear seat belts, not drink and drive and pay attention to State Department warnings about travel in Mexico. This scenario is demonstrating that one should not ride a 3 wheeled ATV while wearing a toga.

Other than that, we have little of import to report.

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