Monday, March 21, 2011

17th Street Market and Rain!

Today was a really icky weather day. Howling winds, gusting to 50. This is the downside to living in an RV. When the weather is terrible, there is nothing to do. So we went down to the 17th Street Market. It's one of our favorite places in Tucson.
Ok - any thoughts on what's in these cans? I thought they were black eyed peas from the picture, but they're fava beans.

C&H in a different language.

I like the way these look against the black shelf.

Who knew? Dehydrated shrimp from Africa.

A box of oatmeal. I love the picture on the front.

I love these cats, they're waving.

Eventually the clouds moved in.

Along with a partial rainbow.

It's raining now. We're happy about this, it'll settle the dust. It has just been awful lately from all of the wind.

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  1. I don't think I would buy a can of anything with the word "foul" on the label!

    The Scottish oatmeal label is suitable for framing!

    thanks for visiting my blog. We have a few leaks in the pergola cover to be plugged up by the contractor, who is coming on Monday. It was interesting to watch that deck unfold. They demolished my old deck in December and built the one you saw in my blog. I thought the construction in winter was very interesting and it turned out really great. I am looking forward to enjoying it soon as I can get the funiture on it!