Friday, March 18, 2011

Saguaro East by Car

Wednesday afternoon Jim had oral surgery to remove a fibroma from the inside of his lip. Two sutures were placed to close the incision, and they promptly fell out. Not being veterans of oral surgery we didn't know if this was a bad thing or not. So off to the surgeon's office we went yesterday morning.
On the way out we saw this at the intersection of Ajo and Mission. It was never clear to us why the law enforcement vehicles were stopped here.

I think the Border Patrol guy (green uniform) is asking the police officer if he thinks they have snarled traffic sufficiently.

After seeing the oral surgeon for 30 seconds, who said it was ok that the sutures were gone, we drove out to Saguaro East. We've never driven through there in a car before, we've always been on bikes. And it was good that we were in a car because it was NINETY degrees. Here is an excellent specimen of a saguaro cactus. Note the symmetry of the arms.

Look dead center in the photo, there is a round tailed ground squirrel there. They are like rabbits, they freeze and believe that if they don't move the predators can't see them. We got pretty close to him before he went into his burrow.

My cough continues unabated at night. I was up at 2 am drinking cough syrup out of the bottle so I wouldn't disturb Jim by turning on the light so I could use a spoon. Advair is doing nothing to stop the cough. One of its side effects is heart arrhythmia, which I had 2 out of the 3 days I used it. Given the lack of cough control and the fact that I don't need another arrhythmia, I think Advair is off the table. Jim is now experiencing a runny nose and sneezing, this may be a super pollen year for Arizona.

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