Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dogs at Arivaca

Today we did the ride from Amado to Arivaca. It's 44 miles round trip. The ride out gains 1,250 feet (cumulative, there's a lot of up with some down), and it was just killing me today. I suffered like an animal. Eventually I made it to the Gadsden Coffee Company, and ate half of Jim's bagel with egg. It was very good. This dog is always hanging around the court yard. Today he was in full on begging mode.

Going back we had a screaming tail wind. That was a good thing, as I was just cooked.

Yesterday we rode Bo's Loop at Fantasy Island again, it was much better the second time around. Friday we will try the Burro Pit Loop (which I always think of as the Dead Burro Pit Loop) and see how that goes. Word from one of the Arivaca riders is that the Shaft is rideable if one stays to the right. Who names these things? If they would call the Shaft something like Puppies and Kittens wouldn't it be much less intimidating for a new rider? Oh wait, that's why they named it the Shaft.

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