Sunday, March 6, 2011

On Walkabout

It's always something. I'm coughing again. This morning at 2:45 it was especially bad. Ended up with the flashlight looking for my left over cough syrup. So, today was a walking day. My coordination wasn't really good enough for riding.
Walking is good, our feet have gone soft again because we're riding and not hiking. Tourism requires tougher feet. So, nous marchons.
I used to live in this building in 1973 when I started school at UofA. It dates from 1907, which probably accounts for why the heat didn't work. Actually the swamp coolers didn't work, either.

Have you ever seen cactus planted with such precision?

The Ronstadt House, dating from 1902. The Ronstadts were early movers and shakers in Tucson. Linda is one of their descendants.

I wish someone would fix this sign and make it light up again. It must have been something back in the day. Lawyers have taken over the building.

Building in the old part of the barrio.

I love that splash of turquoise.

So that was today. More walking will be required to toughen up those toes.

Later the same day.........

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  1. you must shake that cough! Glad you got out today. I was a slug all weekend. Not good with this race on Saturday.