Monday, March 28, 2011

McDowell Mountain Park

Sunday we drove up to Fountain Hills to see Roger and Peggy. They were down from Salt Lake City to enjoy some decent weather and mountain biking. This is what we saw on the way in on the Bee Line Highway. See all the yellow? Blooming stuff! Pollen! Ack! Click on the photo to see it in all of its allergenic glory.

Roger and Peggy have a new motor home. Ayyyyye she's a biggun. It's a really nice RV.

The camp site with all of the bicycles.

Yesterday afternoon we sat on a picnic table to take pictures with the new camera. I used the telephoto with a tripod. A lot of them came out fuzzy, gonna have to work on that.

Isn't it lovely?

We rode yesterday and today. McDowell has many long persistent grades. I was a tired unit after a couple of them.

It was a very fun two days. Tomorrow we're sleeping in. Yay!

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