Monday, June 21, 2010

Sisters, Oregon

Saturday the weather was iffy so we decided against riding. Instead we drove up to Sisters, Oregon. It's a small town, 1,700 or so people, north west of here. It used to be a logging town, but that's over and done with. They're reinvented themselves as a place for tourists to come and spend money. They just had a rodeo, and in July they have an enormous quilt show. The architecture of the town is consistent with the storefronts and wooden sidewalks. I'm not sure what period it represents, but they've got a theme and they're sticking with it.

Bearded iris in a courtyard.

The Sno-Cap drive in has been here since 1954. We had lunch there, it was pretty good. We exercised restraint and did not have the fries.

Then we drove out towards Santiam Pass. In 2003 there was a fire that consumed 96,000 acres. After that fire, forestry practices were changed to thin the forests and decrease undergrowth. The fires were so hot, the flames jumped to the crowns of trees.

This chipmunk is so cute it hurts me. Look at his little nose. Cute cute cute.

More of the burned areas.

We started out to ride Sunday, but it was so cold we couldn't stand it. We went to an RV show instead.

Happy first day of summer! Bend has had below normal temperatures for 75 of the last 93 days. It was finally warm today. We went mountain biking. It was warm and sunny. Nice.

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